1. Bessabia 2:00
  2. Versaro 2:00
  3. Salza 2:00
  4. Tentura 2:00

DIYNAMIC129 | Digital-UPC: 673790035752 | ADM-UPC: 673790035769 | Vinyl- UPC: 673790035790

Release Date: 16.10.2020

1. Angelov – Bessabia
2. Angelov – Versaro
3. Angelov – Salza
4. Angelov – Tentura

One year after his debut EP on Diynamic Angelov returns to his alma mater.

The “Versaro EP” includes four tracks of his signature emotive melodic House and Techno sound that make you reminiscent of the days of outdoor summer festivals. Listening to the record front to back, you find yourself on a warm day with the sun slowly setting in the distance, the dancefloor lights starting to gleam one by one, the music intensifying and the sky turning darker until all you can see are the stars on the night sky and the sporadic flash of strobe.

[DIY129] Angelov – Versaro EP

Release Date : 16. October 2020
Artist : Angelov
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC129