1. Ocean (Introverxion Edition) (Preview) 3:00
  2. Decadi (Preview) 2:00
  3. Anti-Loudness (Preview) 2:00
  4. Heart Has No Time (Preview) 3:00

DIYNAMIC128 | Digital-UPC: 673790035899 | ADM-UPC: 673790035769


Release Date: 30.10.2020

1. Toto Chiavetta ft Gabro Demais – Ocean (Introverxion Edition)
2. Toto Chiavetta – Decadi
3. Toto Chiavetta – Anti-Loudness
4. Toto Chiavetta – Heart Has No Time

An array of drums and abstract sirens, which Toto Chiavetta arranges into hypnotic soundscapes for dusky rooms, sends you into the dystopian underground world of his latest 4-tracker EP called “Anti-Loudness”.

Opening track “Ocean”, with the warm but chilling voice of Gabro Demais, sets the scene. The force of “Decadi” pushes us right into the night ablaze, while title track “Anti-Loudness” shows us a different facette of Toto Chiavetta’s vision of a dancefloor. Until, as the beat of “Heart Has No Time” goes on, he reveals the final layers of his melancholic tale.


[DIY128] Toto Chiavetta – Anti Loudness EP

Release Date : 30. October 2020
Artists : Gabro Demais, Toto Chiavetta
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC128