DIYCD05 – HOSH – Connecting The Dots [CD]


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  1. Golden Area 1:00
  2. Together 1:00
  3. Mirage 1:00
  4. Empire Waste 1:00

Diynamic man, producer and planet spanning DJ, H.O.S.H. – aka German Holger Behn serves up his debut long-player Connecting the Dots for the Hamburg based imprint in the autumn of 2010. Since 2006, H.O.S.H. has been an integral cog in the Diynamic wheel (alongside sometime flat mate and label boss Solomun and frequent collaborator Stimming) and, as a result, has helped steer house music into unchartered waters. His productions and remixes to date – for labels like Kindisch, Get Physical, Supernature, Freerange, Strictly Rhythm, Dessous, Tsuba and more – have blended house, dub, minimal, classical instruments and world music influences with a recognisable deftness and engaging restraint. Firming up that point is this, his debut artist album Connecting the Dots (so called because in interviews I always get asked what H.O.S.H. stands for and I always say that HOSH is just Connecting the Dots but, also, because the album connects the dots of my musical past, present and future). Its an album made up of ten dance floor cuts which all exhibit a trademark Diynamic musicality; hint at H.O.S.H.s influences up to this point and simultaneously mark out a path into the future of underground house music. Opening with late night house groover Hamburg Night a clipped, propulsive pace is established from the off and male vocals (courtesy of Ost & Kjex) adds to the tracks sense of rhythm. From there the deep loops and swollen bassline of Cash the Chord make for a gloopy, rich sound which oozes a subtle future funk as it goes. Following on is a track which subtly references the past but importantly, though, H.O.S.H. skews said reference through his own squelchy filter, adds layer upon layer of house texture and makes it very much his own. From there the album goes through chunky, crisp grooves; complex arrangements and guest vocals from Misstress Barbara; bouncy, chord led jams and intense, bleeping rollers with devilish detail and delightful charisma. More reflective and overtly emotive moments come on Crackhead whilst the shimmering key stabs of Antonelli Screaming provide plenty of excuses to stick your hands in the air like you just dont care. Closing out the record is mesmeric, hypnotic builder Souled Out which sways to and fro in style and has you nodding along right until the final beat. These are not just a selection of ten mindless dance floor cuts far from it. Instead, H.O.S.H. breathes new life into the dance floor by taking inspiration from the past and taking it very much into the future. Furthermore, this album is stuffed with all the idiosyncrasies and seductive sonic motifs you would expect from someone of H.O.S.H.s ability. An accomplished and assured debut, Connecting the Dots is likely to attract much attention from fans old and new alike.

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