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  1. Bescio (Preview) 2:00
  2. With Lou (Preview) 2:00

DIYNAMIC118 | Digital-UPC: 673790035008 | Vinyl-UPC: 673790035007 | MfiT- UPC: 673790035009

Release Date: 30.08.2019
Tracklist: 1 ELAX – Bescio (6:30 min.) / 2 ELAX – With Lou (6:35 min.) Tracklist: A ELAX – Bescio (6:30 min.) / B ELAX – With Lou (6:35 min.)

ELAX’s latest “BESCIO” EP on Diynamic is very much like that favourite summer festival weekend that we are all looking forward to. Opening track “Bescio” is just full of raw energy synths, exciting percussive solos, a hypnotic bassline and disco drums that we hope will never end. Hot days and even hotter nights resonate in its essence.

Then “With Lou” – we are packing up our things, reminiscing of this marvellous time we’ve just had together. Like warriors after battle, exhausted but endlessly happy. We see the last sunrays at the horizon of an orange sky that slowly turns pink and purple, as alternating breezes of warm and cold air ruffle through our hair. Wondering when we are going to do this all over again.