1. Middle (feat. Jaguera) 2:00
  2. Pop Up 2:00
  3. In Your Time 2:00

Voon – Middle


Release Date: 29.11.2019

Tracklist: 1 Voon – Middle feat. Jaguera (6:02 min.) 2 Voon – Pop Up (7:19 min.)

3 Voon – In Your Time (7:03 min.)

Italian duo Voon, who have previously contributed their track “Rose from Japan” to one of Diynamic’s Four To The Floor editions, now return to the label with their first full EP.

Their 3-track EP titled “Middle” brings back their signature dreamy sound, reminiscent of retro-synth-enthused soundtracks of old DOS games, packaged in a fresh new outfit, ready to take on today’s club landscape.

[DIY122] Voon – Middle

Release Date : 29. November 2019
Artist : Voon
Catalog ref. : DIY122