1. Free (HOSH Edit) 2:00

DIYNAMIC103 | Digital-UPC: 673790034106 Release Date: 07.09.2018

Tracklist: 1 Tone Depth feat. Johannes Brecht & Fetsum – Free (HOSH Edit) (06:58 min)

Tone Depth already released a series of great and unique productions in 2018. When he sent this new track as a demo for fryhide originally, HOSH was completely blown away by it and couldn ́t wait to play it out. On the plane, on the way to play a very important gig for him, he listened to the track while preparing and all of a sudden it made click and out of nowhere HOSH heard the „I Am Free” vocal from Johannes Brecht & Fetsum in his mind on top of the Tone Depth track. So he edited it right away, it became the highlight of his set and people started asking for it. A perfect match! After exchanging music with Solomun who fell in love with it as well he encouraged to release the „Free” version of the track on Diynamic with the vocal on top.

A chain of circumstances and everyone pulling together made this track possible and led to this very special version. Everyone involved is very emotionally attached to it, just as emotional as the track itself is.


[DIY103] Tone Depth feat. Johannes Brecht & Fetsum – Free (HOSH Edit)

Release Date : 7. September 2018
Artists : Fetsum, H.O.S.H., Johannes Brecht, Tone Depth
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC103