1. Venus Undercatt 2:00
  2. Crono Undercatt 2:00
  3. Juno Undercatt 2:00

DIYNAMIC088 | Digital-UPC: 4018939307714 | Release Date: 23.09.2016

Tracklist: 1. Undercatt – Venus (07:43 min) 2. Undercatt – Crono (08:08 min) 3. Undercatt – Juno (07:50 min)

Undercatt are releasing their very first own EP on Diynamic! After their widely successful remix of The Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition” and their release of “Coral” on Sasha’s “Last Night on Earth” label, it is now time for a first full instalment called “Venus EP” on home stable Diynamic.

Up first is title track “Venus” that kicks off with a mesmerizing twinkle and matching percussions, slowly brewing and waiting for the protagonist of the track. A haunting melody, that’s taking off slowly, but is gaining more momentum with each beat that progresses, like a serpent that is approaching its prey. You can feel the excitement continuously building in your body the closer you come to the climax of the track.

Second comes dark and brooding “Crono”, an energetic anthem that is the perfect soundtrack for a sweaty night out at your favourite Techno temple. Closed eyes and pumping fists on the dancefloor guaranteed.

Track number three is a driving and dreamy piece of Electronica House. Their “Juno” is a complexly layered and highly emotional composition, which simultaneously manages to maintain a high level of energy. Imagine a sunrise at an outdoor beach party at the end of summer with this playing.

With their “Venus EP”, Undercatt prove their ample versatility and production skills across genres. Exciting times lie ahead for these promising young talents.


[DIY088] Undercatt – Venus EP

Release Date : 23. September 2016
Artist : Undercatt
Catalog ref. : DIY088