1. Das Gift (Preview) 2:00
  2. Matriarchy (Preview) 2:01
  3. Something Old (Preview) 2:00
  4. Blackburne (Preview) 2:00

Digital & Vinyl – 2DIY4_24
UPC: 673790035493 (digital) – 673790035486 (vinyl) – 673790035509 (ADM) Release date: 08.05.2020
1. Das Gift (06:27 min.)
2. Matriarchy (05:43 min.)
3. Something Old (06:04: min.) 4. Blackburne (04:26 min.)

What would you die for?
The chance to go back.

Allan Shotter’s second EP on 2DIY4 tells his very personal story of that excruciating question that reads “What if I had been more present? Could I have contributed to stopping this?”

A harrowing feeling that came to him after the recent passing of his mother, who has been through a long, arduous, but ultimately unsuccessful chemo therapy cancer treatment. During these strenuous months, producing music was his place of refuge; a sanctuary to receive his manifold emotions.

And this diversity in feelings is what you can hear on “Das Gift”. Being overwhelmed. Feeling powerless. Drowning in uncertainty. Anger. Sadness. Being forced to wait. Hope. Hopelessness. Four tracks of raw honesty.

[2DIY4_24] Allan Shotter – Das Gift

Release Date : 8. May 2020
Artist : Allan Shotter
Catalog ref. : 2DIY4_24