1. Intro Relieve Your Inner Turmoil (Preview) 1:36
  2. Los (Preview) 2:00
  3. Cassini (Preview) 2:00
  4. Akihabara (Preview) 2:00
  5. British Exit (Preview) 1:58

Digital & Vinyl – 2DIY4_22
UPC: 673790034823 (digital) – 673790034816 (vinyl) – 673790034847 (mfit)

Release date: 26.07.2019

1./A1 Allan Shotter – Intro: Relieve Your Inner Turmoil (01:36 min.) 2./A2 AllanShotter–Los(04:38min.)
3./A3 AllanShotter–Cassini(05:18min.)
4./B1 AllanShotter–Akihabara(04:30min.)
5./B2 AllanShotter–BritishExit(04:34.min.)

What would you die for?
Creation in all its forms.

“Cassini” is Allan Shotter’s first solo EP, and as that, his answer to our question couldn’t be more fitting. Starting a new project and making the very first record. Creation is when 0 turns to 1.

In such slow epicness begins the ethereal “Intro”, like the first ray of sun that has ever climbed over the mountaintops to kiss the valley. Earth’s rotation picks up its pace, slow motion turns to time lapse, until the violent heartbeat of industrialization and human progress rules the landscape. As time goes by, you’re taken from orbis to urbs, to the timeless here and now, smiles and cries and faces until even further, into each individual’s minds (“Los”). An interplay between macro and micro, between galaxies and cells, both fundamental to human existence, especially the beginning of it.

Oftentimes, Allan Shotter’s tracks turn out to be different from what you had expected in the first moments of listening. A fast paced and strict like clockwork machine music suddenly lights up and becomes highly emotional and nuanced Electronica (“Cassini”); oddball jungle noises quiet down and arrange orchestrally, creating a subtle cinematic score (“Akihabara”); the shy ballad turns into a magnificent drama (“British Exit”).

Looking at it, it’s no wonder the Englishman has chosen this reply. In a time of great public distress, numbness, surveillance and distraction, what other act of rebellion is left but to create?

[2DIY4_22] Allan Shotter – Cassini

Release Date : 26. July 2019
Artist : Allan Shotter
Catalog ref. : 2DIY4_22