12″ – Digital

2DIY4_12 UPC: 827170597563 Digital Release: 27.04.2015

Tracklist 12″:  A1 Liu Bei – Atlas World (Solomun Day Remix)  06:20 min | B1 Liu Bei – Atlas World (Solomun Night Remix)  06:24 min

After his Lana Del Rey remixes, Solomun has been at it again, this time tackling tracks by UK band Liu Bei, and they come out on Diynamic’s sister label 2DIY4.

Of course, this summer he will return to take up his throne at Pacha Ibiza with his own Solomun + 1 night, which will see the likes of Dixon, Sven Väth, Pachanga Boys, DJ Tennis and many more all play on Sunday nights. Before that though is this new EP, which features two very different remixes of the same track, “Atlas World“ by Liu Bei.

The first is an Electronica version that will no doubt get plenty of daytime plays this summer. Patient and slow burning, it has sombre piano chords and blissfully, subtly uplifting synths all making for a magical and musical experience, especially once the Balearic vocals come in.

The second is much more Tech House aligned and is a perfect cut for night time. Here the bass is much darker, the beats are more purposeful and there is a real sense of tension. It doesn’t take much to imagine this one completely owning dance floors in the weeks and months ahead.

This is another big release from Solomun that sets the tone for his busy summer ahead.

[2DIY4_12] Liu Bei – Atlas World (Solomun Remixes)

Artists : Liu Bei, Solomun