For years Robosonic have been building a reputation as DJs for murdering dancefloors worldwide – not only playing what they really feel, but also performing their own multidimensional electronic music.
Together with the Adana Twins from Hamburg they made a hot new EP on 2DIY4.

The first track is made up of melodic disco and funk inspired tunes and easy basslines which immediately bring you to the vibe of summer. The lovely Vocal adds further feelings of recklessness and freedom which will immediately get you to dance.

The second track „Barracuda“ takes a darker approach with it’s dirty bassline, still combining disco infected vocals and elements in style. It is like turning back time right into the disco- dancefloor of the 70’s!

A: Robosonic & Adana Twins – La Fique B: Robosonic & Adana Twins – Barracuda

[2DIY4_09] Robosonic & Adana Twins – La Fique EP

Artists : Adana Twins, Robosonic