For the fifth release on 2DIY4 they got one big fish on board:
Kolombo from Belgium is releasing his first EP on the Hamburg-based sublabel of Diynamic!
Already having worked together with Kompakt and other considerable labels, while leading his own label Loulou Players, he brings in a huge amount of experience to this young label, what can only be the best for both parties.

He introduces the “My Own Business EP” with first track “My Own Business”: with a deep bass vocal which keep coming up differently in the entire fourtracker and connects the entire diynamic piece; with a strong kick and bass he introduces the EP very good and sets the direction.

Tightening the style of the EP with the second a-side “Whatever U Like”, Kolombo comes around with a big melodic basslines and a vibe which keeps everybody hardly calm.
The tension on this release is constantly rising with every track.
Being very melodious with “Busta Ass” Kolombo creates a ear-wormy track not only fitting for the club. “Dancing On The Floor” is the last quarter and the track most bursting with energy. As the name already says this exploading piece will bring everyone on the floor immediately.

  1. A1:  Kolombo – My Own Business
  2. A2:  Kolombo – Whatever U Like
  1. B1:  Kolombo – Busta Ass
  2. B2:  Kolombo – Dancing On The Floor

[2DIY4_05] Kolombo – MY OWN BUSINESS EP

Artist : Kolombo