DIY006 – Solomun & Stimming, Guido Schneider – Feuer & Eis EP [VINYL]


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The protagonists of this EP are Stimming (=> Producer Gebrüder Ton), Guido Schneider und Solomun; the tracks are called “Feuervogel” (engl.: “Firebird”) and “Eiszauber” (engl. “Magical Ice”). Two very special tracks, which deserved to be transferred by amazing Guido Schneider into another fantastic world: the Guidoworld.

“Feuervogel”: an old russian folklore of a magical birdfeather. This feather protects prince Ivan in his fight against the evel wizard Kastschej. As the prince gets into extraordinary difficulties, the Firebird appears and lets his sorcerous music resound. This magical melody saves the prince and of course the 13 captured virgins …

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